Friday, January 18, 2008

In Your Freedom

I have nothing more
Than all You offer me.
There is nothing else
That's of worth to me!

I love You, Lord!
You rescued me!
You are all that I want;
You're all I need.

In Your freedom I will live...
I offer devotion...


I love this song right fact, have to admit, I'm a tad obsessed with this song! Everytime it comes up on my iPod, I listen to it at least 2 times in a row....

Wow. I pray that the words of this song will indeed ring true in my's a bold statement to proclaim that I have NOTHING except what He has given me. NOTHING. That includes the faith to even believe, the faith to live each day, money to buy my Starbucks, brain function to think about what I'm learning in class, patience to deal with patients at work, my understanding husband....I could go on, but you get the point.

What else can I do but offer my devotion to Him?

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Paladinos9801 said...

Hey, Ree! Glad to find your blog. Cool song!