Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So, an update...

Since I haven't blogged about random going on's here's a bit about my crazy...and soon to be insanely

1. I was messing around on my computer this morning and finally signed up for an AIM account. So add me or whatever and we can chat. or whatever. My screen name is teagirl1979. Still trying to figure it out. The interface is not easy to use in my opinion. And I think of myself as somewhat savvy on the computer. But maybe not...

2. I've been at work today since 7AM. I'm really sleepy and will prob skip class tonight. I have to go to skit rehearsal for Womens retreat at 530 tonight. That should be fun, since its fun girls! :) HJoy has put some skits together and I cant wait to see what she has done!

3. I need to register for summer classes but I need to pay my spring tuition 1st.... and i'm still trying to decide what i'm doing in the fall with work and classes...gah

4. I've been listening to country music ALL DAY because thats what my co worker likes. I can pretty much tune it out, but "Redneck Woman" just started and I loathe that song...

5. DR Perry is not doing very good this week. Its can pray for him, his family and our OBGYN South family! visit his caring bridge website:

6. this weekend is the last we will have before all the craziness starts! I think I will sleep till noon on Saturday and not feel guilty!

Here's a run down of what will be going on in the next 6 weeks or so: (whether you care to know or not, here it is!)
April 4-6 Women's Retreat: I am in charge of decorating, but have delegated that to wonderful Meredith and Jessica! They will do a fab job! However, I am in skits so i have practices for that coming up too!
April 10: David Crowder concert at Samford: Scott's b'day present!
April 11-13 Passion ATL: so excited! this should be the highlight of the month! and it's Scott's 30th b'day on the 12th, so that will be fun celebrating at Passion! I am really looking forward to being refreshed!
April 18-19 SMIC Prayer Summit: I always think that I don't have time for these (and I dont) but I always go and it's great! if you havent been, GO! It can be daunting to go and pray all day, but its truley a refreshing experience to spend a day and a half with God!
April 19 Scott's 30th Birthday Party: after P Summit at the Jones House, so come if you want! Hopefully I can talk his mom into doing chicken wings! YUM! I only eat buffalo wings if Scott or Sue does them!
April 25-26 Cutip-Martucci Wedding: oh goodness...this will be a beautiful wedding at Carraway, but there's lots to do still and will probably take every ounce of outgoing personality I have and I will probably want to crawl in a hole for a few days after its over. but i still love do this!


RDJones said...

well I am right there with you on almost all of those event... and I have 18 hrs of scools to deal with too... I feel your pain.

JBL said...
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