Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life in April is going by QUICKLY!

So, I thought I'd just update on what's on our plate...especially for those of you who actually read my blog...and MORE especially for those of you whom I never see and aparently, you read my blog (*ahem, Josh)

Quick bullet points on my life right now:
  • I think we are having breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls for dinner tonight for College Group=YUM *Except I won't get off work this afternoon till probably 4:30, so it will be a rush to get it ready

  • Prayer Summit is this weekend, and, as usual, I have waaaayyy to many things going right now to make the time to go....but I'm really glad every time I go. So, inspite of the business, I will go. I KNOW I will be refreshed...God is good that way...

  • It is a glorious day outside today! I am able to go out for lunch right now, since I am working in Alabaster. I had Firehouse Subs. I wish the weather would stay like this! I am truely dreading the long, HOT summer....

  • Passion was GREAT and I'm still processing it in my brain right was a LOT to take in in 27 hours! Here's a pic or 2 from the weekend:

  • We had an office meeting this morning. Garrett and the Docs talked about what was next for the practice, as Dr. Perry has un-officially resigned his position. It really made me thankful that I work for men that view this as a ministry...not just a job to make money. They are working as physicians to make Jesus famous...and we employees have a part in that!

Well, I guess that's it, for now!

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