Monday, June 16, 2008

Summah Time Is Here

I really like the idea of summer...but alas, the heat drives me nuts. I'm such a wus...sorry for those of you who have to endure my complaining of the heat for the next few long, hot summer months.

Anyway, heres a few pics of summer happenings, which are mostly Camp-related. Fun times. At least it is for me, since I DONT work camp. :) Pic at left is Counselor Hang out at the Sleepers...Abby color-sucked the blue.

Pic at right is Kristin flying through the air on Friday, after camp ended. A giant trust fall/fly, if you will. For the record, I did say this was a bad idea, then proceeded to photograph them goofing off. No one was hurt, so all is good.

This weekend was my little brother's first Father's Day! And my little niece, Baby L, visited her Aunt Ree's house for the first time! Baby L, however does not seem to like her doting aunts...she cried when me or Abby held her. She is definately a Daddy's girl!
Here's a pic of all the girls on Father's Day!
In other news, I am doing the Beth Moore study on the Psalms of Ascent, and we have to memorize Psalm 121, so here's my recitation for the day:
Psalm 121:1
I raise my eyes toward the mountains; where will my help come from?
Its going to be a great study...definately needed right now in my life. I just want to know God more. And I read Rachel's post again on how it seems like the more you know God, the more your faith in Him will grow. I've been chewing on that today...good thoughts, Rach. I want to use this summer to deepen my understanding, so the Spirit can deepen my faith...and hopefully take a few others along too! :)


Resting in Him said...

I had no idea you have a blog. I can't help but think you didn't want me to know and now I feel awkward commenting.

Oh well.

Great pic from camp. I would never trust my friends to catch me mostly because I'm a big girl and a little because they want to watch me fall.

Your wittle niece is going to LOVE her Aunt Ree one day. You just wait.

I read The Princess Bride book!!!! I didn't think anyone else has ever read it. How funny! It's kind of odd, don't you think?

I know what you mean about getting to know more about God-who He is, His character, His will. I'm finding though, as I get older (don't even think about making an old joke), that the lessons, the understanding comes with much pain, suffering, trials, and prayer.

Ann Marie & Scott said...

ha, well, i dont mind that you know i have a blog..thats cool if you read it. i mean, i read yours and all... ;)
i actually am in the beginning of the Princess Bride..its interesting...
:) thanks for commenting

Jaci Spain said...

Your niece is SO cute:) I know you're proud of her too! Hope you're doing well...see you Sunday!