Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Fun and Rafting Beans

We had a quick trip to Tennesee to visit Peyton at her camp, and we decided to go whitewater rafting. We left on Friday morning and got back Sunday morning at 5 AM...
Pey's camp is SO nice! It makes me want to go to summer camp there! We got to hang out with her all weekend! And, as a bonus, Andrew Nuss came by way of Asheville too!
On Friday we went to Boone, NC to watch fireworks and walk around. Saturday morning was rafting on the Pigeon River and that evening we went back to Doe River Camp and played in the lake, rode the train thingy and rappeled.
Here's a few pics of the fun:


d$ said...

my real question is... how do you make the text appear on the side of your picture? i have never been able to figure that out! i always have to type below the pic!

Peyton said...

aw yay!!! i really appreciate yall coming, you dont know what that meant to me. good times. the good times bean.