Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Au Revoir, Toile?

We have been in our house for almost 7 years. We are slowly renovating our 1940's cottage, but as most of you know, we are quite short in the spare-time department. And, like everyone else, if we happen to have a little time, we have no spare money to spend on home improvements!

I love our bathroom--we had to rip it comepletely down to the studs and re-do everything before we moved in. However, for some reason the ceiling in the bathroom develops mildew. Like, an abnormal amount. Scott thinks it's becuase of the lack of insulation in the ceiling of the bathroom. So, every few months we get out the bleach or heavy-duty cleaner, scrub the ceiling, and prime and re-paint the bathroom ceiling. Ok, not really that bad of an ordeal. Just a little inconvienient.

HOWEVER, we have discovered that the wallpaper is now mildew-ing. (is that even a proper verb? I think it is: "to be developing mildew". There.) And I LOVE my bathroom wallpaper! Wallpaper has not been very popular in the last 10 years or so, but toile patterns on anything have been. This is my pattern:

We did mostly white tile on the floor and tub surround with black accents. I have red rugs and towels too. I heart my bathroom! (it IS a very 'me' room...poor Scott puts up with alot!)

Now I may have to rip the wallpaper out and either re-paper or plaster the walls and paint.

I have mixed feelings about this revelation. On one hand, as stated I heart my bathroom the way it is. I mean, I really like toile. Seven years of it and I don't hate it. And I love the color scheme of black and white with red.

On the other hand, I like re-doing rooms and redecorating! Always fun! (I do *secretly* think that Scottie is tired of the toile and would like to re-do it. That's I said, he puts up with alot. Our house is pretty girly.)

So, we will see. Scott and I have to figure out what will be the best thing for us to tackle right now...not to mention the lest expensive! I'll keep yall posted!


Rachel said...

Aww. . . poor toile!! Well at least your blog is white and black and red - the color scheme won't entirely disappear!!
But I vote for if you're gonna redo it, redo it. I think you'll like the "newness" so much that you won't miss the toile.

Greta said...

How sad! I like toile too - it's classy, but not boring :).

If you don't find something else that you just looove, I'd put the same thing back up since you know you like it so much!

Just my humble advice.

Cannonicity said...

AWWW I loveeee your bathroom!(minus the little treat that I found behind your shower curtain...but that's our little secret! HEHE) Prayed for you and Scottie this morn! Hope you are well.

RDJones said...

hahahaha oh Amanda... I will never forget that moment..."Rachel...come here quick...what ISSSS that!!!!"

Jaci Spain said...

NO! Your house is like infamous for that toile wallpaper:) Mia loved it last time we were's like right up her alley. And!