Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Tour of Homes...Kinda

Well Greta came up with a great idea about posting links to your blog with your Christmas deco. How fun! Um, except that I am the loser that hasn't decorated yet and it's *gasp* December 6th!

All joking aside, y'all that know us know that we've been swamped right as soon as I post this post, I'll finish my paper, THEN go home and start decorating. If Scottie got the stuff out of the attic that is.

I did manage to decorate my cubicle at work this week and we decorated the Jones house last Sunday. So here's pics of those, and as soon as I decorate MY house, I'll post a link again!My cubicle is decorated in a black, white and red Paris theme (shocking, I know) so I have this small silver tinsel tree with black ornaments and small Eiffel Towers with a red ribbon.Close-up of an ornament.Now for the Jones House, which we use for college ministry, if you don't know. We decorated last Sunday with the Young Adult group who also use the house!I swiped these paper stars from the stuff I use for Adorations and I LOVE them in the windows so much! They may have found a permanent home...Rachel took this shot too and I'm sure hers turned out better! My attempt to be artsy...The mantel.Oooo, artsy shot again.

The ribbon I used here is also on the tree and it's brown and cream window-pane plaid, wired, silky. It doesn't scream "Christmas", and that's what I intended. I wanted a cool, laid, back look for the J House decor.Close-up, but a little blurry, shot of the Nativity.I love this Nativity set, and I want one for my house, but I can't remember where I bought it last year...oh well. I love the figures hands. They seem like they are in awe...


Greta said...

I love that you have your office decorated!! And the Jones House looks great. I'm a huge fan of those paper star lanterns...looove them!

Happy belated b-day ;)

Peyton said...

i love love love love love (5 times) the jones house!!! i just want to live there. so pretty. and warm.