Thursday, January 29, 2009

22 Random Things

So, a bunch of people tagged me in their 25 Random Things notes, so I figured I would do it...

I'm publishing this on Blogger, but if I tag you in FB, you have to do the same! Then tag 25 others!

1. I have a weird accent. Pseudo-British-ish. I think that I trained myself out of a real southern accent when I was a kid and heard my self on a video. I was embarrassed that I sounded so country.
2. I also have a good phone voice, and sometime my friends call me and are not sure if it's me or not because I'm using my phone voice. I recorded a lot of the phone messages that you hear when you call my office.

3. I hate sports. I can't play anything, but secretly wish I could play tennis. Mainly because of the cute clothes.
4. I have a fear of heights and a fear of drowning.

5. Despite my fear of heights, I love roller coasters! My favorite is the Batman at Six Flags over GA.
6. I love to read! And I do not mind re-reading books. I try to re-read The Lord of the Rings every couple of's better every time!
7. I secretly want to be an Elf (as in LOTR, not like Buddy the Elf) (yes, I realize that makes me a huge dork)
8. If I could do anything in the world for a job, it would be to go to work with Scott and help him.

9. I am realizing that coming up with 25 things about me is harder than I first thought!

10. I am still in college, trying to finish up a Bachelors degree at UAB in International Studies and a minor in French. I love school, but hopefully I'll finish before I'm 40!

11. I used to be scared that God would call us to the mission field and I would have to leave Birmingham. Mostly, I was afraid of "missionary jumper dresses" and no electricity. Now, I'm open to leaving, or staying. And I'm glad God changed my heart toward missions and leaving my "comfort zone".
12. I actually would really love to live in a different culture for a while. Preferably France.

13. I started learning French when I was in the 3rd grade at First Bapt. Church School of Pleasant Grove. I'll always remember those songs in French! "Sur la pont, D'Avingnon..."
14. I like to scrapbook, but lately I have not had the patience for it.

15. I love to decorate and I credit my ability and style to my mom and grandmother. We all have different tastes, but they taught me well!

16. My sense of style (for the house) has streamlined over the years. I think it has come from living with a boy. ;)

17. My sense of personal style has changed too; I dress much more casually than I used to. I think it's because we are always around college students or other people younger than ourselves! I typically wear jeans to church now.

18. I was a Hoover Belle while in high school. When I applied, I wanted that more than anything, and I was so excited that I got it! And I was super excited that I got to wear a hoop skirt! My dress was custom-designed by a lady in Mobile to look like Scarlett's picnic dress in Gone With The Wind, only mine was solid blue. I also had the biggest hoops of all the other Belles!
19. Despite my now-casual style, I love to dress up! I wish I had somewhere fancy to go so I could wear a pretty gown.

20. I also wish I had somewhere to wear a period dress. I secretly want to be a period reenactor.
21. I like etiquette and I read etiquette books for fun. I particularly like reading books from the early 20th century to learn how people (supposedly) behaved. I would secretly love to go to the Washington School of Protocol.
22. I have revealed several secret desires/wishes, so NO MAKING FUN!


Rachel said...

If you could just pretend that "missionary dresses" were "period pieces", it might make missions work look more appealing. . . ;)

Jaci Spain said...

A Hoover Belle? Wow! I could totally see you doing that, but that would be like the most boring thing ever to me:)

And just so you know, I never wore jumper dressed when I was an MK:) However we definitely had some of those around our

My Trendy Tykes said...

I can't play sports either but YES, those tennis skirts are too darn cute. Maybe we should just buy one and "Pretend"??!!


RDJones said...

oh man...number 11 made me laugh really hard. mainly the picture!