Saturday, February 14, 2009

9 Years Ago

Valentine's Day 2000, Scott proposed to me over dinner at Melange Bed and Breakfast in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He took me by surprise, although I should have suspected, I had pushed the idea of imminent engagement out of my head, so as to not come home disappointed. So, the best surprise of my life, was that Valentine's night!

Scott is my best friend, my soul-mate in every sense. I could not have dreamed up a better match. God did a very good thing when He brought Scott into my life in the spring of my junior year of high school.


Jaci Spain said...

Awww how sweet! That is an adorable picture of ya'll! Happy Valentine's Day!

RDJones said...

Despite the fact that I may have just thrown up an little.... this is sweet. I'm glad yall are you as well...that didn't make very much sense but you know what I mean. Nice pic by the way ;)