Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Alright, I'm trying something new...something rather domestic for me. I have gotten rather un-domestic/housewifey in recent months because of our schedules, school, etc etc.

In order to save money each month, Scott and I are going to try to eat at home more during the week. And he has been wanting me to menu-plan for a while now, and I just haven't done it.

So, while perusing the bloggy world for ideas, I came across this website devoted to organizing a few days ago, and she has a weekly menu-planning linky thing. So. Here I go. Menu planning for week 1!

February 9-15

Monday Feb. 9th
B: Oatmeal and coffee
L: Lean Cuisine and apple w/ PB
S: Frosted Mini-Wheats
D: Angel Chicken w/ Rice and Broccoli Goodness

Tuesday Feb. 10th
B: Oatmeal and coffee
L: Free @ work
D: @ College Group

Wednesday Feb. 11th
B: Oatmeal and coffee
L: Lean Cuisine and apple w/ PB
S: Frosted Mini Wheats
D: Out

Thursday Feb. 12th
B: Pancakes and coffee
L: Free @ work
D: Company Coming!Chicken with angel hair pasta w/ Napa Valley Sauce and Cesar salad and garlic bread

Friday Feb. 13th
B: Oatmeal and coffee
L: Out
D: Out

Saturday Feb. 14th Valentines Day!
B: French toast
L: Out
D: Steak and Greek potatoes

Sunday Feb 15th
B: @ Sunday School
L: Out
D: Out (In ATL)

Be impressed. We grocery shopped last night for most of the items, except for the meat, which we will get the day-of and the salad for Thursday. Lunches for Scott are either out, in meetings, or he will go home to scrounge for whatever. Breakfasts for him are usually in, consisting of pancakes or fruit and yogurt parfaits.


Brooke said...

welcome to mpm! :) can you share the recipe for the greek potatoes?

Greta said...

I love that you said "be impressed"...that's exactly what I'd be thinking!

Menu planning is a must for us. Going down to one income severly cut down our "out-to-eats".

Couple questions..
What is angel chicken?
And, yes, will you please share the greek potato recipe?

christiejones said...

I second sharing the greek potato recipe! And I LOVE your background. How cute.

Ann Marie said...

Thanks for the comments! The Greek Potato receipe is in an earlier post, so i'll make a link to that!
Angel chicken is baked chicken with a crust of Ritz crackers and parmesean...will definately be a future Left Over Wednesday post!

MaryMartha said...

Napa Valley sauce...can't wait to hear what that one is!
Sounds yummy :) Love that your doing Menu planning Mondays now!