Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu-Planning Mondays: February 16-22

Alrighty, here we go again at my attempt at domestication! Ha!

Monday Feb 16:

D: Frittata/steak, goat cheese, green onion, tomato (experiment)

Tuesday Feb. 17:

B: oatmeal/coffee/fruit & granola parfait

L: Free @ work/coldcuts @ home/fruit

D: @ college group

Wednesday Feb 18:

B: Oatmeal/coffee/fruit & granola parfait

L: Free @ work/coldcuts @home/fruit

D: out/leftovers

Thursday Feb. 19:

B: Oatmeal/coffee/fruit & granola parfait

L: Free @ work/Lunch @ UAB

D: Out with friends at Chez Lulu

Friday Feb. 20:

B: oatmeal/coffee/fruit & granola parfait

L: Lean Cuisine & fruit/coldcuts @ home & fruit

D: Out/@ Board Meeting

Saturday Feb.21:

B: pancakes/bacon/coffee for work day on house

L: Out

D: @ Mom Leveille's

Sunday Feb. 22:

B: @ church

L: Guests for lunch-TBD

D: Breakfast for dinner/BYOC time/French Toast/sausage links

Here's a little bonus recipe for you this morning, even though it's not Wednesday! :)

Scott recently discovered Panera Bread's new yogurt, fruit and granola parfaits. They are yummy, but he doesn't want to spend the time and money to go to Panera every morning. So, he made up his own version!

Scottie's Yummy Breakfast Parfait

Vanilla yogurt
Honey Bunches of Oat Cereal "Just Bunches" version
Strawberries/blueberries, washed and cut

Combine all ingredients for a good, healthy breakfast or snack! Spoon into a plastic cup for a "to-go" version like Panera's!


Rachel said...

How did last week's menu plan go? Did you follow it? Or did you splurge and eat out?

Just wondering how this whole planning thing works. . .

Ann Marie said...

Well last week went pretty well I would say. a lot of people that do this sort of thing grocery shop only once a week, buy everything they need in one trip. I couldnt do that, since the raw chicken we used Thursday night for dinner wouldnt have kept from that Sunday, the salad stuff needed to be bought the day of, etc. but its not a big deal for us to run to the store when needed.
so, so far, so good I would say. I dont think there's been any major benefit right now, but hopefully we will see results on the $ side of things soon!