Monday, March 2, 2009

Blizzard of 2009!

Well, it happens about once every 10 years...snow in Birmingham! Measureable snow that is. It has flurried, sleeted, etc off and on during the winter months, but seriously, it was the year 2000 when we last had a good snow shower. We have waited all winter anxiously for our snowy dreams to come true, and the weather waited until March 1st!
Here's some pics from our fun snow event in Birmingham!
Our little house in the snow!

The shed in our backyard looked a lot cooler covered in snow!

The big magnolia in our front yard

The Smith Farm in Bluff Park

Snow-covered pansies at church

We went downtown so Rachel could take some photos. This is the Jefferson County Courthouse and Linn Park.

Linn Park looking toward the BJCC and Art Museum

Snowy Scottie! You can see how hard the wind was blowing the snow around!

City Hall and Linn Park fountain

Me and Rach...we were quickly getting covered in snow!

Rach, doin her thing. This shows how hard it was snowing! This is REALLY alot for Birmingham!

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Jennifer said...

Beautiful pics! I know it's deadly for those flowers to be covered in snow, but they are so pretty like that.

I'm glad you finally got your snow wish. Now can we wish for Spring?