Friday, October 2, 2009

A What-I-Have-Been-Meaning-To-Write-About Post

I week ago I promised more posts. And here we are....postless for another week. So many things are floating around in my head. So much has been going on, that I can't seem to get my thoughts in order. Ahhhh, the truth comes out! Sometimes, I have too much to say, but can't get it organized, so I just don't say anything! Sometimes I just plain suck at expressing my thoughts, even in written form.

So here's a bullet-point version of what I have been meaning to write:
  • Labor Day weekend Scott and I got away to the ever-beautiful Asheville, NC. It was like a mini-retreat. Much needed time together, focusing on each other. We've had a lot of time together, but it's been injury-focused, if that makes sense. It was great. Beautiful, Sweet.
  • I started back to class in August and the only thing that fit my time slot was British and Irish Lit. It's really not bad, small class, feels more like a book club than a class. And my prof is a recent immigrant from Toronto. So its been fun discussing the quirks of living in Birmingham as compared to Toronto.
  • We took "the kids"whitewater rafting again in September. Turns out, that the outfitter we used earlier in the summer, RaftOne, knows one of the basketball coaches, Rick DeYoung, that we worked with in Montenegro this summer! The world truly is smaller than you think! Scott, of course, couldn't raft, but everyone else had a great time. Me, Scott and KR had tamer adventures of our own, exploring the Occoee River area.
  • The SMIC staff and spouses had a great time on the retreat to PCB in September as well. It was fun staying in really nice condos instead of the old Laguna Beach Retreat Center! However, we did have to battle rain and ant invasions!
  • We are planning fall and winter events for the College/Young Adult group we lead, so adventures in camping, retreats and Passion 2010 are in the works!
  • Finally, we have said goodbye over the last couple of months to several friends: Meredith is in Portugal teaching, the Jones family is pastoring in New York, and we are saying goodbye to Rachel as she moves to the Atlanta area this weekend. Goodbyes really suck, even when you understand that God moves His children where He will. I'm just thankful for technology like blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc., to keep us all connected!
Well, there you have a the condensed version of our lives over the last couple of months. I told someone the other day that I feels like we just got back from our mission trip, but its been two months already! It's flown by, and life is definitely full. But I'm thankful for a full life!

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the update! I've missed you around these parts!!