Monday, March 8, 2010

Both Feet In

So this has been a really busy semester, as I have doubled by class load to TWO classes at night, but it has stretched my schedule pretty much to capacity. Thus, blogging has suffered quite a bit. In fact, I am writing this on Friday and I should be at least doing some research for my paper proposal thats due Wednesday, or doing reading for class discussions...but this is important and I wanted to make sure that I blogged about this before time goes by too much!

Here's a little bit about our ministry story and what is new...

When we were married 8 1/2 years ago, Scott worked for one of the largest banks in Alabama, working his way into the corporate world. Through a series of events in our lives and the church as a whole, Scott quit the bank and came to SMIC as the financial/business administrator the spring after we were married. (Ironically, a job that his dad held for like 15 years and had vacated a couple years earlier...weird, eh?) We THOUGHT that would be almost a temporary gig...he'd go in, get everything in shape and running well, then go back tot he business world.

As I have pointed out many times since then, life is seldom what YOU plan! And thank God for that!

It's now eight years later, and Scott is transitioning to a pastoral role at SMIC! A couple of years ago, the college group was orphaned when their latest leader left our church. Someone needed to take them on, and Someone decided it could be Scott and I.

I, admittedly, was NOT in favor of this. I can't really explain why, aside from my selfishness, except that I felt like we did enough around the church and we didn't need any more responsibilities. (Ridiculous thinking, I know)

Eventually, God worked in my heart, and actually, did a lot of shaping in both of our lives, and we threw ourselves into college/young adult ministry. It was at the Thirsty Conference in 2006, put on by Louie and the Passion team, that I really let God mold me and lead me into whatever He wanted of me/us. We felt the call of college ministry pretty strongly.

As we have deepened relationships with students and others we have been ministering to/with, the desire to do MORE ministry has grown in both of our hearts. But its frustrating because our scheduled literally do not allow for anything else!

Scott has been the go-to person for anything non-pastoral at SMIC (including grounds and facilities, budgets, HR, insurance, technical stuff...and probably more that I'm forgetting!), but had let Harry know of his desire for having a more free schedule to focus on ministry, the desire to learn to preach and his passion to see others develop their intimate relationship with God. But no one saw a way out of him doing all the other business stuff.

Meanwhile, a man in our church who has served as board chairman, Gary, lost his a BANK, of all places. He had been feeling the pull to get out of the business world. SMIC also lost our Executive Pastor, Jeff, last year, as he returned to his homeland of Australia, and we had a vacancy in our pastoral staff.

So, long story short, Gary is coming in to be the business administrator and Scott will transition into a full pastoral role as the college/young adult/young marrieds/discipleship pastor. We are excited, because this truly has been a desire of both our heart, but nervous as well.
As I was telling Harry and Karon the other day, its a little scary because its so official. Officially moving from the Professional to the Pastoral. For some reason that is sticking with me. I think before, we had one foot in, and now its both!

So, the future at SMIC is exciting for us and we are privileged that the board and staff are willing to give Scott this chance at doing fully what we believe God has called us to. I've been at our church my literal entire life, and everyone there is truly family.

I'm still working full time and going to UAB at night to finish out my BA, but Scott is looking at starting seminary too, possible later this year. We continue on a full, busy schedule, but looking forward to what God has in store for us and our SMIC family!


Heather said...

Thanks for sharing all of this. It fills in some of the gaps from what we heard at church. We are really excited to see what God is going to do with/through you, Scott and the young adult ministry. Go for it!
~Dan and Heather

Greta said...

Wow. And here's what you miss when you haven't been to church in the last 3, ahem 4, weeks.

Sounds super exciting! I know you guys are really looking forward to settling into where you feel called. :)


Rachel said...

We're really excited for all of you! It is so obvious that God is moving all of the pieces around to make the best puzzle possible! I love it!

Ann Marie said...

Thanks everyone! We are really excited!
And Greta, this all happened literally in the last 3-4 weeks!! It was crazy how fast everything changed!

Beth said...

SO exciting! We are wishing the VERY best for y'all! :)