Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home Improvement Afters

I finally blogged and told yall what we've been working on, showed you some "before" and "during" reno pictures, but I suppose you'd like to know how our projects turned out, huh? :)
Here's a few from our almost-but-not-quite-finished home improvement projects:
My fab aqua trim in the re-decorated bathroom!
The Bathroom: got a complete redesign, going from black and white toile wallpaper to soft gold walls with antiqued aqua trim on the window and door frame. I haven't finished getting all of the accessories, but we did buy a new mirrored medicine cabinet and did away with the over-toilet cabinet. I found rugs the same color as the walls, but haven't decided on fabric for a shower curtain...still searching for just the right thing!
Wide-shot of the wall color with the trim!
Shot of the inside door trim...still deciding on painting the entire door aqua...what do you think?
The trim work was painted aqua, then sanded down with the power sander and then glazed with 2 coats of brown glaze to tone-down the blue and antique it.

This was my inspiration for painting and antiquing the trim:
This was taken in our room at the B&B we stayed in in Montreal last year for our anniversary!

The other major project we tackled was the laundry room addition! I haven't taken a lot of afters with the shelving in and my new, fun laundry sorter, but these few pics will give you a good idea of what it looks like!
My brother Jacob & Tommy hard at work, with my dad supervising :)
You can see how the room was extended out to the right, enclosing what was the outside door from the kitchen (you can see the white door behind the ladder). The room was also doubled in width! And then, you can see the window that's now being enclosed, right in the center of the new room. On the other side of that window is the 2nd bedroom (that we use as a den), so that window got taken out and drywalled in.
Here's the new room with walls! That hole is now the door to the outside, which will walk out onto the new deck (yet to be finished)
So you can get a good idea of how it looks now! There are two windows that were cut out after this pic was taken, and of course a door installed. We changed the roof-line so that we can accommodate any future additions!

I painted the walls a nice light tan. For the flooring, we finally chose a tile that looks like travertine. Maybe I'll get pics of the inside soon...


Jaci Spain said...

It's looking good! We have MANY unfinished projects at our house too:) There is just so many other things going on right now to be able to work on them all. Oh day!

Rachel said...

That's awesome! I love the Aqua trim. I'm having trouble deciding on my vote as to do the door or not, though...