Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February is almost 1/2 over!

Can you believe it???
The year is flying by so I have been trying to daily look over my New Year's Non-Resolutions to help keep my focus!

A small victory this week: I FINALLY made it in to the gym yesterday! GO ME! I'm a little sore today...I'll be back in there bright and early tomorrow morning! Well, early anyway. Not bright.

So not much going on in our world...besides the usual craziness that is!

I have been impressed lately to use the time I am here to the fullest...I don't know where God will lead in the coming months and years. But I know He wants to use me here and now. He wants me to grow closer to Him. He wants me to keep one eye on the future, anticipating where He will lead, keeping flexible for change. And at the same time, He wants me to grow sturdy roots here where He has planted me. An interesting God has grown me in just a few years from adamantly desiring to stay put, stay stagnant, to desiring greater things...His things, instead of my own. I wanted so badly to live My American Dream. But, to His glory, He has other things planned for me!

"Greater things have yet to come"

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Abby said...

that qupte is from my favorite "god of the city" song!