Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thoughts on Cancer and Missionary Dresses

So I thought I'd give a little week-in-review update...I'm trying to be better at this blogging thing, instead of posting a random thought every-once-in-a-while. Ha! We'll see....

Let me start with work: Dr Perry is doing better, from reports we have gotten. He decided to take a course of treatments, on the advice of the researching MD at IU on Germ Cell Cancer. We were all thrilled at the office that he decided to do this! Gives us all more hope...anyway, Dr Perry MUST be feeling himself, cause he managed to have himself moved from the regular hosp. floor to 3 Women's to receive his chemo treatments...mind you, 3 WOMENS...pretty sure he is the only male patient to take up residence in the Womens wing. It made us in the office laugh!

Otherwise, work is slightly chaotic, since there is NO WHERE to work patients in....

It is amazing to me how selfish people can be...even people who profess Christ! Most patients are being very understanding with our office's current predicament, but there are a handful that seem to not care if Dr Perry is dying or not...they just want to be seen! (I think most of them care about pain meds actually) Anyway, it makes us mad and upsets us more about Dr Perry.

Enough ranting about work.

It's been Missions Conference at SMIC this week, and I have grown to love Missions Conference! Here's a brief history on Ree's thoughts on missions: I was terrified when I was younger that God would call me to the mission field. Literally scared. I didn't want to be away from my B'ham comfort zone, away from familiarity. I didn't want to go to a hot jungle with no electricity. And I was REALLY scared of the "Missionary Dresses". You laugh...I know...I'm laughing right now too. But really, I didn't want to dress in the sack-y, jumper-dresses that all missionary moms seem to wear when they are home on furlough. (Not least not alot of them. Just back in the early '90s) So, obviously, I was self-absorbed as teenagers are, and didn't care about people's hearts that need the Light of God's Glorious Name shared with them. God has changed my heart, thankfully, and I desire to share His Name with people. Not neccessarily in the deepest darkest jungle mind you....but at least I'm (more) willing.

ANYWAY, I love hearing from the Field and the different things that missionaries are doing around the globe for the Glory of His Name. One of my favs, actually from last years conference, is Ede Clarke who ministers in China. Check her ministry out here:

She is pretty much amazing. Maybe I'll blog about Ede soon. She was on my heart this week...

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