Wednesday, May 7, 2008

There's No Title I Can Think Of

Here's a couple of pics from the most recent things:
Scott and I went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to celebrate his birthday AND the end of a verrrryyyy looonnngggg month of April! It was wonderful, as usual! We both had the fillet and split lyonnaise potatoes and salad. We spent 3 hours lingering, talking and just being together! It was definately our kind of evening!
Next is a pic from Julie's lingerie shower...don't worry! Nothing risque! Just a cute pic of her looking slightly embarrassed! She is marrying Kevin Woosley, whom I have known since he was a little kid, on May 31st. I am directing and Scott has the priviledge of being a groomsman. Kevin and Julie are a cute little couple, who will one day have tall, lanky children! ;) They have been quiet leaders in our college group since we started almost 3 years ago; a couple that we know we can always depend on. I'm so excited to see them moving on to this next stage of life!I took the CLEP test last Saturday to try to get credit for English Comp at UAB. I really really hope I passed enought to get credit! I should know by this Friday...

Sunday, we began the "new and improved" Adoration Gathering. I must confess, I had been a bit pessimistic, because there were SO many people involved, doing lots of new things, that I was not completely convinced that it would all come together and run smoothly. But, it DID! Sunday was by FAR the best Adoration we have had! The guys and Ashley did a great job...It was really nice having all the members back in the band! All the other elements, as far as we could control, came together beautifully! The ones we could not control (the dang lights) were OK and we worked around them.
I have been reflecting on what Jarrod preached, er, spoke on, and what he challenged us to give to the Lord. And I think the thing I need to give over, or whatever, is devotional time. I need to be more like Mary, sitting at Christ's feet, just being. Not being legalistic, check-marking my time with God off my list of spiritual things to-do, but carving time out everyday to sit and listen, through the Word and prayer. So, since I didn't do the Creative Response on Sunday, there it is.

And, on a completely random note, I listened to a podcast this week on visiting Istanbul while I was crochet-ing a blanket. I think I would like to visit Turkey now...

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Ha oh ree... lets go to Turkey tomorrow!