Friday, May 16, 2008

This Week's Blog

Oops. I had made the committment to blog every week, last week. Gah. The end of the week snuck (sneaked?) up on me!

So I was delusional that May was going to be LESS BUSY than April. Like I said, delusional...

Sorry to make this blog mainly about how busy I am, but that's my life right now! I have 2 weddings this month, one of them tomorrow! We are trying to decide if we want to, or can, go out of town over Memorial Day weekend. We want to, as it will probably be the only chance we get for the two of us through the entire summer...oh, we will be doing things and going places, but, as always, we will have a dozen or so college students in tow! But, we wouldn't want it any other way. Really. And, not to mention I am planning my class reunion and Adoration stuff for the first part of June....

So my new blog image is of Kyiv (Kiev) Ukraine. That is where, tonight, hundreds of college students in Eastern Europe/former Soviet countries will come together to hear God's Story proclaimed by Louie, Chris, Matt and Charlie. Pray for Passion as they bring the Light into a place that has been dark for so, so long.

Um, so i guess that will do it for this week's blog-isode

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