Friday, August 8, 2008

The Rest of What Has Been Happening

I've posted about the car search below, and let me just say this: I love shopping (as most of you know), but I do NOT care for car shopping! What a hassle! Glad it's over...

Last Sunday we had dinner at my grandmother's (Maw Maw) to say to good bye to everyone who are leaving. My cousins Katie and Chris move to Auburn this weekend (and Chris's GF Natalie). Katie will be a Freshman! I'm really excited for her! I know she'll have a great first year!
My brother Jacob moves this weekend to New Orleans to work on another show for TV (I don't know if it's MTV or ESPN, but it's like Two-A-Days).
Noel and Ashley came with little baby Lauren, who isn't so little! She has grown so much! Here's some pics, mainly of the baby:

Aunt Marsha feeding baby L /Auntie Ree with Baby L

Daddy with Lauren/ Uncle Scottie! Lauren doesn't look too sure of this...

Also of note, the pic above is of Jakarta, Indonesia, where Passion has been this week on Leg 2 of the World Tour. Follow their journey at the 268blog and podcast!


Rachel Callahan said...

You and Scott look like naturals holding that baby!! ;)

Susy-Q said...

Her face is so round and her cheeks so chubby!! Do you kiss her all the time?

Your a good aunt. I can just tell.

RDJones said...

oh i just laughed so hard... LE's face inthe pic with just you and her is priceless... then scott appears to be saying "get it away" in the pic of the two of them

Jaci Spain said...

She is TOO adorable! I still can't believe Noel's a dad:)