Friday, August 8, 2008

So Long, Max the Maxima

Well, we found a new car yesterday and said good-bye to Max. We got a great deal on a 2005 Pathfinder at Crown Nissan! We are excited because this is the first "our car". It was kinda sad to see Max leave, because we drove that car to North Carolina on our honeymoon, almost 7 years ago...lots of memories attached to that car! Maxine (my car) will be lonely, but I think she'll like her "younger man"! ;)

Here's Scott saying bye to Max at the dealership:

You can see a bit of the front bumper of the new Pathfinder to the left of Max and Scott.

Which brings me to the next part of my post: What do you think we should name the Pathfinder? Any ideas? "Max the Maxima" wasn't terribly creative, but it was a given. (yes we, er, I, name our cars. I've done so since I was a little girl, when I named my dad's VW Rabbit "Bunny") (I know you are astounded at my creative naming skills)

Here's a few names I was thinking for the new car:

Party Pathfinder (as per the Roadtrip last year); Seeker the Pathfiner; Polly the Pathfinder; Patrick the Pathfinder (we need to decide if it's a boy-car or girl-car)

Post a comment with a name suggestion!


Chris said...

I know! I know!! Paris Pathfinder!!!

Susy-Q said...

You know. If I would just read all your posts and then go back and comment, then I wouldn't be such a loser and tell you where you can find a car when you already have one.

I like Paris!!! great idea Chris!