Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wordle Funness!

Funness is my new word, have you noticed? ;)
Anyway, Greta had a fun little thing on her blog called Wordle. It's a generator that makes a fun picture out of text that you copy and paste or you can link your blog. Greta made a cute coffee-related Wordle!
Here's mine from the text of John 1:
© 2008 Jonathan Feinberg

Have fun!!


Greta said...

Hahaha, how "un-spiritual" do I sound? I made a coffee one while you did scripture, hahaha.

Ann Marie & Scott said...

ha! I didnt even think of that Greta! my next one was Paris-themed, and I actually thought that one out more...the John 1 thing I copy and pasted text...