Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yeah, I'm Excited About Fall Too

So everyone has been stealing my idea about blogging about "Favorite Things About Fall" on all of you! Just kidding...Rachel, Amanda, and Greta beat me to it and have lovely lists of fall-related funness...

So, with out further ado here's MY
Illustrious List Of Fall Favourites:

1. Fall-scented Candles!
Especially White Barn Candle Co.'s new candle called Leaves. It comes in a too-cute ceramic acorn!2. My Fall and Winter Dishes!
They are out of the storage cabinet and ready for fall meals! Hooray! They really make me happy, and not coincidentally, the name of the pattern is "Friendly Village" by Johnson Brothers. Who could NOT be happy when eating off dishes with that name?

3. Scarves!
Who am I kidding? I will wear them year-round...even though I have gotten looks from people that are thinking, 'Is she insane? It's 95 degrees outside?' when wearing a lighter "summer scarf". But I don't care...I'm just super-thrilled they are back in style! My favourite for a couple of seasons now has been my red pashmina I got in NYC last summer, but I have also loved my black and white plaid I recently bought at NY&Co!

4. Soup! And Chili and Stews!
I love soup! When I was a chef, I made soup almost everyday! My fav is my Tomato Bisque. Mmmmmm! One day I might include the receipe. But, for a quick fix, Panera Bread has a great tomato soup they just put back on the menu. I only eat chili if it's Scott's Mom's receipe, "Male Chauvinist Chili" Oh its so good!
What's some favourites of yours that I left off?
Fall Funness has begun! Be happy!!!


MaryMartha said...

That candle is soo cute. I might have to try it.
I think you should start a cooking blog. I would love your recipes.
I've been craving chili with the weather changing. Can I get the chili recipe?

Jaci Spain said...

What a cute idea. I have been craving chili lately too. I also love fall festivities such as pumpkin patches, festivals, football etc...

Danielle said...

love love love the new scent Leaves- love love love this time of the year!