Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas a Deux

Well the weekend was busy, to say the least!
We had Christmas Eve service at church, where all things technical went hay-wire! I was running the light board and JC and Lindsay were running sound and Mediashout, respectivly. Fifteen minutes before the service was supposed to start, JC was messing around at MY light board and got the levels all locked up! In the end, we had to call Paul Sutton, shut down the board and restart it...we were trying to get that taken care of before Kevin started the service, but alas, he started on time and so we were in the dark through the first song. Awkward. But it was a fine, old-school SMI service, complete with all Vignuelles participating. Mick and Rick sang, Tiffany and her Children of the World performed and Pastor Dick gave the message and candle-light part. Vintage 1985-SMI! I felt like a little kid again when Pastor Dick got up to the pulpit.

After the service. we went to Dad's to exchange presents with him. Dad made some browines, and bless his heart, over cooked them quite a bit. Everyone made it except Noel and Ash, but Dad was going to spend Christmas morning with them and the baby. After Dad's we still had to eat dinner, so Cub and Abby came over and helped Scott wrap presents while I made dinner and worked on pies.
Christmas morning, we slept in, made sausage balls and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and opened out gifts from each other. "Our gift" was an ottoman coffee table that I had been wanting! It's dark brown leather, so it looks great with our lighter brown sofa, and has two cubes that store inside. Slowly but surely I'm replacing the hand-me-down furniture in the living room! This will also give us lots of extra seating!
Scott made his pies, he made an apple pie and saved me crust to make a chocolate pie, which will probably be a future Left-Over Wednesdays posting! We ran to Mimi's house just in time to open presents with them, the Brannons and Noel and Ashley. The baby, of course was the center of attention! And, random side note, me, Abby and Mom all matched, unintenionally, in shades of grey, purple and black. Oddly enough, that happens with me and Abby quite a bit. Not so much with Mom, as she wears too much pink. We then made our way to the Leveilles for dinner and presents with all of them. Carrie, Chris and James had been in town for a while, and Heather and her crew were coming over from Trussville. With 5 children ranging from 4 to 11, it's usually mass chaos for present time! The pies we made were for dessert at the Leveilles, and I have to say, MY chocolate pie was liked better than Scott's boring old apple pie! :)

Saturday I started feeling sick. Scott was getting over a viral cold, so I'm sure that's what I caught. The rest of the weekend was spent on the sofa or in bed. Boo. I'm still not completely better. A shot in the hip helped yesterday, but it's one of those things that has to run it's course!

We leave tomorrow morning at 6AM for Boone, NC, with 23 college students and young adults for our winter retreat! We are so excited, but I sure hope I feel better than I do now! I'll be back next week with an update from retreat!

Happy New Year All!


Greta said...

Sounds like a lot of fun (and yummy pies)!

I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope the recovery is FAST!

Have fun in Boone - what a fun little town :).

Samantha said...

love the pic of you two! Where is the new it in the picture? Did you paint your fireplace yourself? I like it!

Rachel said...

Sorry about my meddling brother screwing with your sound board :)

When we left, I told Chris that the service should have been dubbed "A Very Vignuelle Christmas Eve Service", but when you add your vintage in too, that would make it "A Vintage Very Vignuelle Christmas Eve Service". I like it!! :D