Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas...Round One

So we started Christmas celebrations early...we had Christmas with Mom on Saturday and Christmas with Mawmaw on Sunday. This was only the beginning... Mom decided that she would not cook and had Cajun food catered in for Christmas dinner. And spinach ravioli for me, since I don't eat seafood. Random, I know. Here's a few pics from the evening! Baby Lauren was the center of attention for most of the time!

All the sibs...we coordinated nicely. The boys wore green and me and sister had on red! ;)
Abby just thinks she's the favorite aunt...
The other "sister", Rach, came too! :) Reechel! (for those that don't know, Ree + Rachel = Reechel we are alot alike)

Sunday was at Mawmaw's house with Dad's side of the family. We always have fun with our cousins Chris and Katie (and Chris' GF Natalie). Scott and Katie have a tissue-paper-throwing-war that has been ongoing for years now.

All the grandkids plus Lauren, the first great-grandchild
Lauren was more interested in eating things. At least she was eating her new doll rather than tissue paper!

Isn't she CUTE???
Mawmaw with her first great-grandchild!
We played Dirty Santa too and I ended up with a large stuffed Santa and Scott ended up with The Dark Knight DVD. We were pretty excited about the DVD since we have not seen that yet! I, however, have no use for another Christmas decoration, so my dad trade with me later for the tin of Double-Mint gum and $15 cash that he got.
That was round one...stay tuned for Rounds Two and Three!

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