Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snapolicious College Retreat

We had a grand time in the Boone, NC area on our college group winter retreat! Here's a few pics of the trip!

Skiing at Appalacian Ski Mtn!

Grandfather Mountain

No, Scott, you cannot have a pet puma; and no, Peyton, you cannot pet Mildred the Bear! :)

Some of the group at Grandfather Mountain!


Jaci Spain said...

Looks like so much fun. Ya'll are quite teh travelers:)

Peyton said...

haha i laughed. me and scott are like the whiny kids.

scott- 'please mom, please can i have a pet puma?!?!'

me- 'will you please let me get in the cage and play with mildred?!?!'

todays comment was brought to you in part by "mustri:" refering to noodles that have become hardened over a period of time.

Staceystace said...

Hi! I found you through Susanna. We spent Thanksgiving in Boone, NC a couple of years ago with the kids in a cabin. We loved it and every year the kids ask to go back. We didn't see any bears, though!! We were keeping our eye on a feline that we thought was a ferocious fox or something, but turned out to be a house cat! We looked like dorks creeping around and then it came out of the woods and meowed at us.

Ann Marie said...

Thanks for finding me! :) Boone is great! we also were there with our "kids" iver 4th of july last year! so fun!
thats a funny story about the cat! these animals were at the little nature preserve/zoo thingy at the Grandfather Mtn. Welcome lodge!