Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Bloggy Birthday To Me!!

Le Blog De Ree is one today!
So, thanks for reading everyone!!

In celebration of me being the the blog-o-sphere for one year, I thought I would post a few of my favorite bloggy things! Some blogs offer design inspiration. Others make me laugh. Others encourage me in my daily walk with Christ. I'm sharing the blog-love!

1. Favorite Funny Blog I Read Every Day: Stuff Christians Like

Jon Acuff writes this sarcastic blog from our neighbor Atlanta. He graduated from Samford and randomly knows a couple of people I know. His writing is so funny that I cry, yet he pulls out a serious card from time to time to really address the heart of the Christian culture he pokes fun of. We are also Facebook friends. I also joined his cyber book club. Don't make fun of me.

2. My Friend That Has a Nationally-Read Blog: Rachel Callahan of Grasping for Objectivity in My Subjective Life

I mean, she's the closest thing to a blog-celebrity that I personally know! She is featured on Five Minutes For Mom, read by people all over the country, holds contests and even has a customized template that she designed. I've been friends with Rachel ever since her older brother "broke up" with me in high school. We didn't become real friends until after the break-up...she didn't like me while I "went out" with JC...seriously. She told me that. But that's cool. I became great friends with all the Zannis' and was honored to be Rachel's Maid of Honor in her wedding and she was my Matron of Honor. Our weddings were about 6 months apart in 2001. Scott and I were also in Lindsay and JC's wedding. She's a great friend and we are both so busy that I've had fun keeping updated on her, Chris and Ali via her blog. She is a MUCH better blogger than me!

3. Blog Templates at Cutest Blog On The Block

'Cause I just can't resist a decorating opportunity, even if its virtual! Their templates are free and easy to copy n' paste the code onto your blog. Great for those that are HTML-challenged!

4. Favorite Ministry Blog: Desiring God Blog

John Piper has become one of my favorite theologians to read and listen to. His blog is a must-read for me everyday. He gives updates on his church and ministry in Minnesota, theology thoughts, encouragement and even "shout-outs" to family members and staff members, such as his wife, Noel. His concept of treasuring Christ for who He is above all else is one that I am having to continually re-visit. And, if you ever have the chance to hear him speak in person, do it!

5. Favorite Ministry Blog: Louie Giglio and the 268 Generation Blog

Um, yeah, that wasn't a typo. I couldn't choose between Piper and Louie. I'm a dork, and fairly blog-stalked Louie and the Passion team as they travelled around the world last year on tour. Anyway, if you are familiar to Passion and the 268 Generation, this is the blog for that ministry. Louie will be starting his own church next month in Atlanta, so that's pretty exciting too!

6. Favorite Website That I Found Through Someone's Blog: Etsy, introduced by my friend Greta Carter at I Love Mr. Pibb

Etsy is a really cool webstore that sells all handmade products. They have everything, from hand-knit scarves, jewelry, furniture, paintings...check it out if you are looking for something unique! And, for a shameless plug, Greta has her own Etsy store where she sells cool jewelry and stationary. I have some earrings and her Wells necklace. She also did awesome custom invitations for my 10th high school reunion last summer! She is oh-so-talented! I have found cute little things around Etsy, like luggage tags and passport covers. There's also a bag that I really want...gotta save up though!

7. Cool Wedding Vendor Site: I Do Originals

They custom-design a "look" for your wedding stationary, monogram, etc. See my review of them on my wedding blog here. They also designed my wedding planning logos! I love them and can't wait to have a bride that uses them too! Their blog is also a great read and they have scores of great ideas!

8. Favorite Wedding-Related Blog: Elizabeth Anne Designs

These ladies are so talented and have a great business, the kind of wedding business I wish/hope for! They are based in Atlanta, but do events, weddings and parties all over the country. One is even planning her own wedding in England. They have great inspiration for weddings and other events! I have blog envy!

So, how about you? Contribute to the party by posting a comment and leaving a link to any blog or website that inspires you, makes you laugh, makes you think, or one that you just plain love!


Greta said...

First off...cute picture of you two!
And secondly, thanks for the shout-out ;).

Rachel said...

Congratulations!!!!!! A one-year anniversary is huge!!
And thanks so much for the huge compliments! I'm not sure that I live up to all of them, but I will take them all the same!!
Happy Anniversary, Le Blog De Ree!!!

Lindsay said...

Well, Rachel didn't like me very much when J.C. and I dated either. I think she's gotten over it now. I think... :) (If you're reading this Rach, I love ya.)

Congrats on the one year!