Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu-Planning Monday: March 9-15: Happy Spring Break!

Spring Break! Yeah! Party!
Er, not really...I haven't had a true spring break since, well, probably high school. And I was the party animal, let me tell you.

The sarcasm is dripping today, probably due to the lack of an extra hour of sleep...puts me in a mood. I'm not sure what kind of mood, but it puts me there. So, I sacrifice my sleep so the farmers of America can farm for an extra hour in the evening. Wait, what?

Let's get back to the subject at hand.

Breakfasts: (can we say: stuck-in-a-rut?)
~oatmeal packets
~fruit/yogurt parfaits

~Lean Cuisines
~apples/low-fat peanut butter (the Jif brand is pretty good)

~Easy Beef Tips with Noodles from *I've had some sirloin tips in the freezer, meaning to use them
~Grilled chicken kabobs with rice
~Breakfast for dinner, backup plan/extra dinner

We may go out of town Friday-Sunday this week with some students, still trying to decide/find somewhere to stay.

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