Friday, March 6, 2009

Miss Manners?

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I like etiquette. Not that I'm like a stuffy old lady, but I like things that are proper, I like china and silver and setting a pretty table, I like hand-written notes and hand-addressed envelopes. *I think I read too much Jane Austen when I was young.* I read ettiquette books for fun, and collect old copies of Emily Post, Amy Vanderbilt and the like. The older, more antiquated the "rules", the better!

So, I have had the opportunity arise to teach ettiquette and poise classes at John Roberts Powers group starting tomorrow! I am really excited! I will update next week on how tomorrow's classes go. Pray for me, as this will be quite "off the cuff", at least for tomorrow's sessions, and the first session is for 4-7 year olds. Yikes! Those that know me in real life also know that I'm not big on little kids, but I think I have some ideas to help make it fun for both of us. The kids I will be teaching are in modeling and acting, so they should, hopefully, know how to be attentive and will be receptive.

Here's some thoughts that I will might be developing:
* What do you think ettiquette is? Why do you think it's important?
* Why should you be concerned with the "proper" things to do?
* What is self-confidence and what does it have to do with manners?
* The "Golden Rule" and what it means for your everyday life
* Acting "like a lady (or gentleman)": an old-fashioned idea for a post-modern world


christiejones said...

That sounds fun. Can I come?
You'll be great Ann Marie!

Rachel said...

That sounds perfect for you!!! I hope you have fun!! I can't wait to hear about the crazy silly funny stories that you'll have from giving these classes.

Peyton said...

ann marie!! congratulations!! that is so exciting.