Friday, May 8, 2009

Birmingham in the NY Times!

Yeah, I'm a little on the late side getting this linked and written about, but here ya go.
Birmingham was featured last month in the NY Times travel section for "36 Hours in Birmingham". They highlighted the best things to do, best places to eat, and a couple good places to stay.

My only disagreement in the food section would be the BBQ choice of Miss Myra's. Nothing against Miss Myra, I'm just a loyal Jim n' Nick's fan!
Me and Scott at Jim n' Nicks.

I also would have reccommended eating a full meal, not just breakfast, at Chez Lulu's.

Me and Scott in our favourite booth at Chez Lulu's!

Check out there article and slideshow of our great city! What changes would YOU make to their recommendations?


d$ said...

Personally, Jim N Nicks is too expensive for my tastes... the corn muffins are excellent, but too pricy for steph and i both to eat... she likes johnny rays, and im a full moon fan, but i had moe's bbq over in vestavia a few weeks ago--good stuff. apparently they cook up a certain amount of bbq every morning, and when its gone, be it 7pm, 3pm or late, they close for the day. the catfish sandwiches are good too.

Rachel said...

Yay Birmingham!! How cool is that?!?!

I love Jim N Nicks, but Miss Myra's has a very special place in my heart, so I am too thrilled for their mention!!

I went there at least once every week when I was pregnant. I had to eat (not something I normally did at lunchtime during my pre-pregnancy days), and Miss Myra's was the only place I felt comfortable enough to go "alone" on days that I didn't bring lunch or go out with someone else.

I got to know them all so well that they all get excited when Ali and I go in now. The cook, in fact, has multiple pictures of Ali eating BBQ on his CELL PHONE, which he shows her proudly every time we eat there. It's the only place that I feel like a "regular" - they know my name, my child's name, our order, AND they even bring Ali out crackers and pickles before the meal - just to make her smile!