Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back Home!

We are back from our missions trip, so post n' pics will be forthcoming....however, right now we are having to deal with Scott's shoulder injury, my car that has died, and mountains of laundry. And I had to go back to work today! :-/

Just be in prayer for Scott's shoulder. He was playing basketball last Thursday on the trip and popped his shoulder out of joint. It was bad enough for a visit to the local ER (yikes). He is going to doctors today and I believe is having an MRI done right now to determine the extent of the damage. They are saying it might even be a shoulder separation and surgery is more than likely in his near future.

Oh, and my car battery has died so I'm borrowing Rachel's car, but it will be Wednesday night before I can see about getting a new one. Just pray that the battery is the only thing wrong!
But, God is faithful and His name was proclaimed in a little town in a little country that has been really dark for a long time!


Rachel said...

Wow- nothing like spiritual warfare, huh?

I'll keep praying for you guys!

Can't wait to hear the stories!!

Lindsay said...

Welcome back!