Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas! (AKA-Your Digitized Christmas Card)

I'm still scrambling around for a few addresses for cards this year, AND I needed to cut down the list to save some money, SO here's a digital version for everyone's enjoyment!

This is in Central Park at Wolman Rink, taken a couple weeks ago by our own Rachel Jones Photography! I cropped and added the script myself in Picasa.

Oh yeah, go over to Faith's blog and link up your card too!


MaryMartha said...

so THAT is so cute! Awesome picture :)Merry Christmas!

Lady_La_La said...

What a wonderful idea.....and such a great photo!

H xxxxx

A. Gant said...

Love it! Such a good picture!

Rachel said...

I was so happy when we got our card and found out for sure we'd made your shorter list!!

I told Chris excitedly, and he said "Well YEAH, we were in each other's WEDDING!"

Obviously, he didn't doubt your love.