Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Tour of Homes: Christmas Ornaments Special

I love my ornaments on my tree! Most of the ones I put up every year either were bought on a trip, given to me by someone when they were on a trip, or represent places we've been! And then there's a few "just because" ornaments!

Since I did a pretty full-house tour last year (Part One & Part Two), I decided to focus this year's tour on my special ornaments! hope you enjoy, and don't forget to link up with Greta!

Overview of my tree and mantel deco. The main thing that changed on the mantel is that my artificial pre-lit garland died this I used the cuttings from the tree and wove lights in that. Its very pretty and natural, but I fear the branches will be brown by Christmas!

Close up of the mantel with leopard ribbon running through the branches; it coordinates with my leopard bow and tree skirt on the tree!

Nativity Ornament always takes center spot!

This nativity ornament is carved from olive wood and came from Israel! Scott's parents gave this to us.

"Our First Christmas" ornament by Christopher Radko, given to us by my grandmother at our first Christmas in 2001.

My sister brought this back from Guatemala last year, where she went on a short-term mission trip.

This snowflake came from Dubrovnik, Croatia last summer when we were in Montenegro for short-term missions.

Scott and I visited Montreal, Canada for our 8th anniversary this year and I found this real leaf coated in silver!

This cute Santa is scaling the Eiffel Tower! I picked this up in the Eiffel Tower's gift shop when we visited Paris in 2006!

This disk ornament is from a 2006 trip to New York City when we visited the Empire State Building.

This nativity ornament is at least old as I am and was one of favorites growing up! Mom gave it to me a few years ago when she was cleaning out her decorations.

This is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina, where we spent part of our honeymoon in 2001.

This little Eiffel Tower did not come from Paris, but I picked it up at World Market! They have great ornaments!

Garfield has always been one of Scott's favorites! His mom gave me this ornament among other childhood favorites!

This brass cutout ornament came from the Biltmore Estate, where we also spent part of our honeymoon!

I hope you enjoyed a closer look at my Christmas tree!


Deb said...

Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Greta said...

I love it! It's always fun to hear the meaning behind Christmas decorations - especially ornaments :).

Rachel said...

Gorgeous! I love the tour! Your love of travel is most definitely showcased well by your decorations!

Lady_La_La said...

Beautiful Tree. Have a lovely Christmas. :-)

Lady_La_La said...

Thanks for stopping by and being my first follower...I'm in awe of your blog. :-) X

A. Gant said...

Beautiful tree and ornaments=)

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