Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scott & Ann Marie: 10 Years!

In some ways, I think, "I couldn't have been married for 10 years already!"; but in other ways, I cannot remember what my life was like before Scott!
Of course, at 21 and 23, we were children when we married! ;)

So, here's a fun "then and now" comparison! 

10 years ago, Scott had just finished college the May before and finished the Managment Associate program at AmSouth Bank (now Regions). He was opening new branches, managing branches, poised to become a junior executive. 
10 years ago, I was almost finished at Jefferson State Community College with my Culinary Arts degree, working full-time at Saks, Inc. Corporate Dining. (Remember when Saks 5th Avenue was headquartered in Birmingham??) I was the catering assistant and deli chef. I liked my job, but really, all I wanted was to be a homemaker. I wasn't really keen on working full-time outside the home.

Now, Scott just began seminary at Beeson Divinity, and works part-time for SMIC and Berney Points Baptist Church. He is the College and Young Adult Minister for our church, and we couldn't imagine a better ministry! Over the last 10 years, his focus for a career has certainly changed!
Now, I still work outside the home for an OB-GYN office, doing secretarial work, and I own my own business, Tres Beau Weddings and Special Events, planning and designing weddings! I had quickly learned that full-time chef work was not what I wanted long-term...I still keep my hands in food (so to speak!) but doing some catering on the side! I also cook dinner for the college group weekly Bible study and the Young Adult Bible study. 

10 years ago, we were attending Shades Mountain Independent Church, our home church, where we've both grown up. I sang in the choir, and if my memory is correct, we still had two services back then. Scott led worship in the Youth Group with Jonathan. (Ah, the pre-cursor to Adoration Band!)

Now, we still at attending SMIC! As mentioned above, we do the College and Young Adult ministries. Scott went to work for the church about 4 months after we were married, to do the church administration. We thought that this would be short-term job, then he would either start applying for grad schools for economics, or go back to the banking world. Eventually, we felt the Lord's call to full-time ministry. (This realization took me much longer!)

10 years ago, Scott and I signed for our house the day before the wedding (happy birthday to our house!); however, the house was not "live-able", and required 6 weeks of intense remodeling after our honeymoon! We were so grateful for our families who helped non-stop and several friends who worked long hours with us! We bought our 1948 cottage, thinking that it would be a good "starter home", and that in a promotion or two, we'd upgrade.

Now, we are still in remodeling process (I've already re-done the bathroom for the 2nd time). We love our little home, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else! Our most recent (still not finished) projects include re-doing the outside from the old siding to cedar shingles, adding on a laundry/mud room, and a re-configured deck. 

10 years ago, the September 11th attacks happened right before our wedding. We changed our honeymoon plans because of this, because international travel was so if-y. We went to North Carolina instead and had a wonderful, relaxing time. But patriotism abounded at this time, and the Afganistan/Iraq War was beginning.

Now, we all know that the wars are still going on...but we caught and executed Saddam Hussein and more recently, Bin Laden. Scott and I made it to London and Paris for our 5th wedding anniversary, and have also been abroad for missions. We are planning our big 10th anniversary trip to Paris for January!

How about some pop culture and price comparison info! This should be fun!

Gallon of Gas:
2001: $1.47
2011: $3.45

Pound of Coffee:
2001: $3.06
2011: $10.00 (depending on your brand, of course) and/or $5.00 for an espresso-based drink

Postage stamp:
2001: 34 cents
2011: 44 cents (wait, people still mail things??)

In 2001, Wikipedia came online and Apple released the 1st iPod!

Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring, was released that Christmas (totally went to the midnight release!). Shrek began his movie franchise, as did the Ocean movies. And Harry Potter began his 10 year reign (while Southern Baptist preachers were denouncing him from pulpits) with The Sorcerer's Stone.

On the music scene, we had a weird mix of "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias, "Here's To The Night" by Eve 6, "Beautiful Day" by U2, "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado, "Fallin" by Alicia Keyes, "Independent Woman" by Destiny's Child, and "Lady Marmalade" (Moulin Rouge soundtrack!) for some of the good stuff. Unfortunately in 2001, we heard, "Drops of Jupiter" by Train (over and over and over), "It's Been Awhile" by Staind, and "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed....

Happy Anniversary to me and Scottie!


Mrs. Butler said...

Aww, great comparisons! Happy anniversary! I guess that means that it was over 10 years ago that we were at your parents' house for Bible study with Scott baking biscuits! :) (was just thinking about that the other day!)

Rachel said...

Fun memories!! I love all the "10 years ago" stuff. Wow - it seems a lot longer ago! Except for Drops of Jupiter. It can't ever be long enough ago for that.